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Things I like

Anything related to Masculinity, which can be exacerbated. Included Alphas, BDSM, leather, bootss, skinhead, denim, gears, fetish, masters, ssmoking, rednecks, bikers - some posts are pure fantasies.

He doesnt care about you he only cares about gettin off in you

Beautiful perfect male. Beastial, powerful, sexual .. deadly. My Aerial .. incubus, lover, friend .. demon!

@TopDreamAbs would like to see your selfie!  Message me with your selfie taken at the gym, your hotel room, your bedroom.  You worked hard for those rock hard abs.  Now, be the inspiration for other guys to get 6 pack abs and an abdominal belt below it.

Big guy just cares about giving his ass up to a man who will fuck him full of cum

I can only dream about his muscles, his pits’ scent, his power. This is the type of alpha that makes me feel like a girl. I wish I had more holes he could stuff though.